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San Antonio

Take a memorable San Antonio Group Tours? San Antonio captures the spirit of Texas. Now the eighth largest city in the United States. So Great Adventure Tours offer you the San Antonio Group Tours Packages, Best Places to Visit in San Antonio and much more.

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The city has retained its sense of history and tradition, while carefully blending in cosmopolitan progress. Your group will discover that San Antonio has always been a crossroads and a meeting place. Sounds and flavors of Native Americans, Old Mexico, Germans, the Wild West, African-Americans and the Deep South mingle and merge.

A San Antonio Tour would not be complete without a visit to River Walk , which is set amidst the daily hubbub of the busy metropolitan downtown, sequestered 20 feet below street level, lies one of San Antonio's jewels - the Paseo del Rio Your group members will see that cobblestone and flagstone paths border both sides of the San Antonio River as it winds its way through the middle of the business district.

The River Walk has multiple personalities - quiet and park-like in some stretches, while other areas are full of activity with European-style sidewalk cafes, specialty boutiques, and nightclubs. And “Remember the Alamo” became the rallying point of the Texan revolution against Mexico. Located in the heart of downtown, today The Alamo is a shrine and museum.

Year after year our groups delight in the discovery of San Antonio's charms!

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