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Take a memorable African American Student Tours? The African-American legacy is rich with stories spanning continents and centuries. Let Great Adventure Tours experienced staff plan all of your African American Student Tours, African American Heritage Tours, African American Educational Trips needs. Your Group will discover this extraordinary cultural heritage as you explore the Detroit, Windsor and Niagara Falls sites and sounds drawn from the roots of African-American History.

Are You Prepared for African American Student Tours ?

One of the long term exhibits at the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History that your group will view is a stylized super-structure of a slaving vessel, its’ hold, filled with Africans being brought to North America for sale, a very moving sight!

See the first permanent settlement of fugitive slaves at the Sandwich First Baptist Church where it still stands today.

Have your group visit the historic site of Uncle Tom's Cabin and also walk through a log cabin built in 1846 as a terminus for the Underground Railway at John Freeman Walls Historic Site.

A must see site is the Elgin Settlement founded in North Buxton where a community grew to a population of 1500 fugitive slaves.

Step back in time with your group and experience the history and stories on this African American Student Tours, it will be a tour that your group will remember always !